My Bucketlist

My Bucketlist

Everybody has one . . .

That list of dreams they hope to make a reality before they take their last breath on earth.

My bucket list of no different, it is full of things I long to do and places I daydream about seeing. I realize that actually completing my eternally long bucket-list in one lifetime is pretty much impossible, unless I became independently wealthy(like 10 years ago) and didn’t have to work another day in my life. Even then, I would have to be traveling nonstop pretty much for the next 50 years to tick off every item on my bucket list. Sounds great to me, but I realize that isn’t realistic. Honestly, as long as I am actively checking things off for the rest of my days, I will be satisfied.

Without further ado, my PARTIAL list(in no particular order), because it will take some time for me to transfer the ENTIRE list from my journal to my blog . . . believe it or not, there are actually close to 300 items on my list currently, and growing!!!

  1. See a narwhal in the wild*
  2. Kayak with orcas in the wild(Orcas Island, Washington)*
  3. Horseback ride on the beach* – I did this in California & Costa Rica
  4. See the northern lights in Iceland* (Jolee wants to see the northern lights ANYWHERE)
  5. Swim with sharks outside of a cage – I did this in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Fiji, Mexico & French Polynesia (Jolee did this with me in French Polynesia and Mexico)
  6. Visit Fiji
  7. Soak in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland*
  8. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Fiji
  9. Visit Australia*
  10. Scuba dive The Great Barrier Reef*
  11. Visit the Whitsundays*
  12. Sleep in a Treehouse* – I did this in Madagascar
  13. Eat parmesan cheese IN Parma Italy
  14. Get scuba certified* – I did this while I was living in Maui in 2000
  15. Kayak or SUP in bioluminescent waters*
  16. Float in the Dea Sea
  17. See the southern lights
  18. Visit the Cooke Islands
  19. Hike half Dome in Yosemite National Park*
  20. Run a marathon
  21. Take Jolee to a BIG concert* – Mothers day weekend, Taylor Swift
  22. Visit Machu Picchu* – with Jolee
  23. See a seahorse in the ocean while scuba diving or snorkeling
  24. Watch Jolee graduate from high school
  25. Live on a tropical island – Hawaii for almost 5 years
  26. Watch a World Cup game LIVE
  27. Get proposed to
  28. Find out my exact genealogy
  29. Visit every country in my genealogy
  30. Visit Dracula’s castle in Romania*
  31. Visit Antarctica
  32. See a sloth in the wild* – Costa Rica
  33. Take Jolee on a missions trip* – Hawaii
  34. Step foot on every continent
  35. Swim with Jelly’s in Palau*
  36. Explore Madagascar*
  37. Sleep in a glass igloo in Scandinavia
  38. Swim with whale sharks in the wild* – Jolee & I did this together in Mexico
  39. Explore Borneo Malaysia* – with Jolee & my dad
  40. Go Sand boarding – In Huacachina Peru with Jolee
  41. Go on a tiger photo safari in india*
  42. Visit Zanzibar
  43. Gorilla trek
  44. Swing on a jungle swing in Bali*
  45. Visit Chiapas Mexico
  46. Visit the Seychelles
  47. Visit the Hoh Rain Forest
  48. Step foot on Greenland
  49. Go snow kiting in Iceland
  50. Get Jolee Scuba certified*
  51. Horseback ride in Patagonia
  52. See Iguazu Falls
  53. See Victoria Falls
  54. Go Glamping* – many places/times
  55. Ride in a sea/float plane over BEAUTIFUL waters – Fiji
  56. Explore Gabon and watch the surfing hippos
  57. Spend time in the Amazon rainforest*
  58. Ride in a hot air balloon* – in Napa, CA with Jolee
  59. Hike on a glacier – Iceland
  60. Go dog sledding*
  61. Scuba dive with Jolee*
  62. Visit French Polynesia and snokrel/scuba dive there
  63. See a Dugong in the wild
  64. Walk where Jesus walked in Israel
  65. Visit historical Biblical sites
  66. Move to a Blue Zone
  67. Scuba dive in a hot spring
  68. Meet David Attenborough and/or Jane Goodall
  69. Visit Christmas Island
  70. See elephants in the wild
  71. Take my dad on a trip to stay in an overwater bungalow
  72. Watch the sunrise & sunset on the same day
  73. Fly first class*
  74. Scuba dive Raja Ampat*
  75. Helicopter ride
  76. Do an ice bath – several times now
  77. Be in a magazine – Old goal that I honestly could care less about now but have achieved many times in the past because there was a time in my life when I cared.
  78. Make a difference in the world
  79. Visit the Okavango Delta & Chobe National Park in Botswana
  80. See Firefall in Yosemite in person
  81. Watch Bjork perform IN Iceland (I saw her in California twice)
  82. Run a fun & successful Airbnb type property that enriches peoples lives
  83. Be on TV – Old goal, I accomplished this several times nonetheless. I could care less about this now.
  84. Visit Idaho
  85. Experience Day of the Dead IN Mexico
  86. Visit a cloud forest
  87. Live past the age my mom passed away
  88. Publish one of my books
  89. Visit Plitvice National Park in Croatia
  90. Work for myself
  91. Visit every National Park in California
  92. Take my nephew Zion, to Zion National Park
  93. Stay in an overwater bungalow – Rangiroa
  94. Visit Mongolia
  95. Visit Socotra island
  96. Get Certified as a Nature Therapy Guide
  97. Explore Ha Long Bay in Vietnam
  98. See a Koala and a kangaroo in Australia
  99. Go to a show at the Sydney Opera House

*Also on Jolee’s bucket list. Jolee has her own bucket list, some things we have in common and some we don’t. Those items which we have in common have an * next to them on my list.

I will continue to transfer items over time as time allows, many have been checked off but I still have a loooong ways to go.

Want to help me check one of these off?  Want to join me as I check one of them off? Let’s talk!