Yosemite Day Retreat

I attended a Your True Nature Yosemite Day Retreat and it was magical! We started the day hiking through Yosemite Valley on snowy trails that took us to waterfalls and iconic landmarks, then we stopped at Yosemite Bug Health Spa for a private Yoga session. Hilda guided us through the poses and meditation, and although I am a very novice yogi and the yoga (or “snowga” as I like to call it since we were there for the last of the spring snow) was cleansing, fun, and not at all intimidating. We completed the session with some deep breathing in a cedar hot rocks sauna and a soak in a giant stainless steel hot tub. We then dined at the June Bug café, and I had one of the best vegan dinners I have ever had. It was like a week’s vacation in a single day! I came home a new woman, feeling centered and connected.

-Alley S

Dominican Republic Group Experience

Let me just start by saying that if I did not honestly believe that things happen for a reason and in their right time, I would be so upset that I did not find Hilda and her Group Experiences earlier! My time in the Dominican Republic was AMAZING! I had already been planning a few trips with Hilda, stalking her Instagram page, and blowing up her DMs for a few months when suddenly the opportunity to join in on the Dominican Republic trip presented itself. And by ‘suddenly’ I mean about 36 hours between making the decision to go and being at the airport boarding pass in hand!  
Hilda is amazing at making you feel like you are on your own adventure with the security of being part of a group. Is not exaggerating when she talks about coming on these trips as strangers and leaving as friends. My fellow jungle-seekers were strangers to me before I arrived at the airport but that feeling had dissipated by the time I laid my head on my pillow our first night in the jungle. I had only about a day to pack for this trip and Hilda was instrumental in my success in the jungle because somehow things like earplugs, to turn down the volume on the jungle at night, and shoes that were water and hike friendly were not on my list prior to our ‘Tips for the Dominican’ Zoom call. Which brings me to another thing worth mentioning, traveling with someone who puts their health and safety above appearances and convenience makes traveling amidst a pandemic much easier. Let’s face it its easier to keep your health guard up when the people in your group are also doing the same. 
I can not wait to go on more group trips planned by Hilda because I know that I would trust her to plan a trip anywhere.  Thanks Hilda!!!

– Marina Brasil

Bali & Dominican Republic Group Trips

I have had the pleasure of taking two trips with Hilda, one to Bali and one to the Dominican Republic and both trips were amazing. Hilda plans trips that are exciting and fun whether your a new or an experienced traveler. One of my favorite trips in all of my life has been to the Dominican Republic with her. In this trip, we lived in treehouses (literally), rode horses through the jungle, hiked to an amazing waterfall, rode quads on an empty and gorgeous beach, took a boat ride to a private island, and zip lined through a jungle just to name a few of the activities. She’s an excellent travel planner, organizer, and wonderful person to be around. She does a great job at creating a welcoming environment for everyone on the group trip and on both of my experiences, I left each trip with new friendships that I still have today. I can’t say enough amazing things about my experiences in these two trips and I’m excited for my next trip with her to Madagascar! 
I am an experienced traveler who loves to take adventurous vacation where I get to really explore the place I visit and these two trips with Hilda have exceeded my expectations of group trips. I highly recommend her travel services and if I could give her more than five stars, I would. 
– Enith Rojas

Lake Tahoe Yoga Retreat

I had a fabulous time with Hilda, her daughter Joele and Kara in Lake Tahoe this last weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and eventful weekend.  Every detail was perfect, the meals were fantastic and we got to practice yoga everyday. The house we stayed in was perfect and very accessible to Lake Tahoe. I would love to join Hilda on another one of her trips. It was the perfect girl trip. Hilda really has broadened my yoga practice and I am excited to keep learning from her.  If you get an opportunity to travel with Hilda you won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait for the next time I get to travel with Hilda.

-Christie Donahue

Magical Mexico

Thank you for putting the trip to Cabo together. The resort was beautiful, my room had a great view of the ocean. The infinity pools were nice, the adult only pool view was gorgeous.
The spa was very nice, the facial and massage was one of the best.
Overall: Wonderful trip and planning by World Worth Wandering!

-Holly Spada

Repeat Tripper

I have booked several group experiences with Hilda, 1 local(Yosemite) and 3 international trips (Peru, Bali & Borneo).
The amount of effort, heart and soul she puts in these trips is like no one I’ve ever met. The love and passion she has for traveling is what makes booking with her so special. She wants to make every experience unforgettable while making everything as smooth as possible. Every trip we have gone on whether it be local weekend trip or international adventure, I find myself thinking “there is no way I could have ever done all this to make things flow as well as they do.” She is my forever traveling partner and travel planner. ❤️

– Ashley Bettencourt

Lake Tahoe Yoga Retreat

I wanted to take a moment to thank Hilda for planning and executing such a fabulous trip!!  Hilda organized a yoga retreat to Lake Tahoe that was amazing!!  She rented us a beautiful home, fixed wonderful (vegetarian) meals (along with her side kick Kara), lead yoga and took us to an absolutely breathtaking beach on Lake Tahoe (Sand Harbor)!!  I only knew 2 of the gals, one being my daughter, but by the end of the weekend I felt like I had a whole new group of friends!!  I had only done yoga once before, but they were both very patient, answered my questions and made me feel very comfortable!!!  I would highly recommend taking a trip with Hilda, she doesn’t cut corners with her trips or her treatment of those traveling with her!!  I also highly recommend Fearless Yoga, where I have done yoga, and both Hilda and Kara teach Yoga!!  Can’t wait for my next adventure with Hilda!!!  Thank you again for including me!!

-Beverly Zwart

Iceland & Vietnam Group Trips

Hilda is the BEST travel experience planner! It is evident that it is her passion & not just a job. 
She planned our group trip to Iceland, where we road-tripped around the entire country. She didn’t miss a thing for us to see & do along the way.
From the Blue Lagoon to waterfalls, glacier hiking & secluded hot spring caves. She had it all mapped out!
We stayed at home stays, bed & breakfasts & really experienced the culture. 
Hilda also planned our Vietnam trip, which was packed full of adventure!  It included staying with locals, sea kayaking in Halong Bay, & swimming in the biggest mountain lake in Vietnam!

-Kasie Rae


Triple Timer

This is the 3rd time I have used Hilda to help plan a trip. 

This past November I decided to contact Hilda with some ideas of things I was looking for in a vacation, my budget, and I was given multiple options. Hilda responded quickly and looked into flights, different hotel options, and excursions within a matter of hours. I really appreciated her suggestions, outlined details, thoughts, and information I needed to make a decision. 

Once my decision was made, she made sure I got all my payments in on time and provided me with all the documentation I needed for my trip along with additional tips and advice. 

About a week or two prior to my trip, Hilda checked-in to make sure I had all of my questions answered and provided me with emergency contact numbers, so I could get help from her and vendors throughout the trip, if anything were to go wrong. 

The hotels I stayed at were perfect! She has a natural ability to understand your needs and what you are looking for in each trip and book the appropriate experience. For me that was a balance of quaint hotels in hip urban area’s full of shopping within distance to experience the nature and culture these cities had to offer. All of the transports and transfers Hilda scheduled to/from hotels, excursions, and airports worked out smoothly and in a timely manner.  

I would recommend Hilda for specialty vacation planning. Hilda is a dedicated professional who is passionate about travel, experience, and life style. She is great resource, as she herself has explored the world, and she spends countless hours making sure her clients have an experience of a life time.   

-Kelly Spencer San Diego, CASr. Resource Development Manager

Road Trippin’ through the USA

Thank you again! Because of your help we had a wonderful trip. I def hope to plan more with you next summer and I’ve told some friends how great you were so maybe i’ll get you some others.

I’ll try to check out your blog and site to see whats new.

Thanks again! We really did have a blast. It would have been completely different without your help Hilda, you definitely got the ball rolling and you were great.

Thank again =) You’re great!


Aloha from Hawaii

Hilda was so helpful booking our trip to Maui. We are a family of 4 and have never traveled by plane with our kids. Hilda put all of our worries at ease and got us thee best deals on our rental car, condo, plane tickets.

She even educated us on how long before we needed to be at the airport because some airlines require you to be there 1 hour to 2 hours for check in and of course we wouldn’t know that. This was our first vacation in 8 years. Hilda gave us piece of mind and was only a phone call away if we needed her.

I was so impressed I had Hilda book my business trip to Scotland this Feb. and once again she was amazing and helped me understand my flights etc. There are so many rules to travel these days such as size of your carry on and TSA guidelines so it wasn’t so stressful having Hilda get my tickets and confirmations and she even helped me in going to the correct place to get my passport because some international flights require you have a passport number before you can even book your flight and passports can take 2 weeks to get back so Hilda was on top of it and prompt with responses.

-Truly, The Allens