Christina Cindrich

I still remember the day I came across christinas Instagram, I saw a photo of her in the most incredible pool in an absolutely incredible place!  I HAD to know who she was and where she was!  I posted it on my Instagram asking who she was and WHERE she was and within 12 hours I was linked to her page. I must’ve spent an hour looking at her picture and watching her videos. This girl was it!  She’d been everywhere I wanted to go and done everything I wanted to do. Well, a lot of it anyway.


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Family Adventure Tour with Kayak Connection

Jolee and I had the pleasure of going on a Family Adventure Tour with Kayak Connections last month and let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing!

Kayak Connections has two locations, one in Moss Landing and one in Santa Cruz.  This time we adventured with them in Moss Landing at Elkhorn Slough.  The location we visited offers a variety of tours as well as equipment(kayaks and SUP’s) rentals for those who want to go at their own pace.

They offer the Family Adventure Tour, which is the one we went on for ages 3 year and older,  a Wildlife Tour, a Sunset Tour AND last but certainly not least a Bioluminescence Tour!!!  The bioluminescence tour is definitely on my bucket list!!!!

Our guide on the kayak tour was Chris, a very upbeat and friendly girl who was very knowledgable about the local wildlife, patient and was AMAZING with kids!


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Decisions, Decisions . . . .

Soooo we are trying to figure out where to go in October/November and we are getting nowhere fast.

We are embarking on a family trip(plus my dad) and have narrowed it down to Mexico, the Bahamas, Iceland aaaand we just threw Sri Lanka and Borneo into the mix to make things more complicated.   read more

Turtle Airways Fiji

My dream trip FINALLY became a reality and Turtle Airways helped to make it even more epic than I ever imagined.

Upon landing in Nadi, we were quickly & kindly greeted by Mary & Wanga.  Mary Placed a cute shell lei over my head and handed me a bottle of Fiji water.  “Drink Fiji water in Fiji, CHECK!!”  one thing checked off of my bucket-list immediately after stepping foot in the country.  Thank you Mary. 😉 read more

My Goal

My goal is to help you glimpse the beauty of our planet through my experiences.  Through my photos, videos and writings, as I travel nationally and internationally while attempting to share our glorious world the way my eyes see it.  To help you view our world in such a way you never knew existed and desire to go and explore for yourself. To fall in love with it as I have

My goal is to open people’s eyes to a beautiful places they never even knew existed.

Below is a photo journey of a few of my favorite experiences

from 2013 – 2014 in no particular order.

.Best of Silfra 2013 (57)

Scuba diving Silfra fissure in Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon – Iceland

I know many of my posts about Iceland begin something like this but I can’t help it because this was a trip I had been dreaming, daydreaming and visualizing about for nearly 20 years.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me tell you about the blue lagoon. Everything you see in the pictures, forget about them. They DO NOT do it justice. read more