Thanks for checking out my site!

Unfortunately my original travel blog, which I started in 2013 was hacked mid last year ago and I have been forced to start from scratch. With 7 years of content gone in the blink of an eye, I have decided to go a different route with this new site.

This new site is dedicated to sharing about my past and future group experiences (trips). As well as very sporadic blog posts about travel tips, destination highlights, sustainability and conservation, travel related product highlights, etc., which can be found under the “BLOG” section of my site.

To learn more about my upcoming group experiences, click —-> HERE. If you find a trip that peaks your interest, email me to request the password! 😌  hilda@worldworthwandering.com.

There is also other basic information about me, as well as affiliate links found on various other pages here, as well as how to contact me if you have any questions. So feel free to browse around a bit.

Please also feel free to follow me on instagram @worldworthwandering where you can be kept up to date on where in the world I am and get lots of information and tips on various locations there as well. 🙂

Please check back often for more NEW content and of course, MORE group experiences!!!