PROTECT our planet, EXPLORE nature, ADVENTURE often, LOVE others, BE present.

13 fun facts about me:

  • I am PADI certified and would scuba dive every single day if I could.  I think I am part mermaid.
  • When I am not traveling or planning trips (for myself or others), I am advocating for animals and serving those in need. I am also a freelance photographer and Nature Therapy guide.
  • I am the VERY blessed mother of one AMAZING 13 year old girl.  I have never been more thankful for anything/anyone in my entire life.
  • I am obsessed animals. When I say obsessed, I mean I really, really LOVE them. I am very passionate about animal advocacy.
  • I am short! People always assume I am tall for some reason, I am not.
  • I learned how to speak Spanish before I learned how to speak English. English is NOT my first language.
  • I am married to a man who dislikes to travel. Opposites attract right? Extra fun fact, we accidentally share our anniversary with the birthday of the National parks service!
  • I bought a truck and truck camping set up a couple of years ago and plan on visiting as much of the America’s (North, Central & South) as possible with my dogs, dad & daughter! Or some variation of the 3. First journey in the “home on wheels” is scheduled for 2022!
  • I have 10 tattoos, including a massive one of a world map that covers my entire upper back. I am pretty sure I was among the first to have a giant world map tattoo.
  • I am vegan. I do it for the animals and the earth. I am also fascinated by Blue Zones and have been deep diving into learning more about them for about 7 years now.
  • I am also a podcaster!!! Not a super fancy one but I am learning and growing every day in this newfound (2021) hobby and I would love it if you has a listen! I host TWO podcasts, one that is available on Anchor and Spotify and interviews unique and spectacular humans, from allllll walks of life, and is intended to inspire us alllll to live more meaningful, purposeful & inspired lives! Listen to that podcast here ——-> World Worth Wandering Conversations. The second podcast is available on Spotify and is super spooky! It takes us on a weekly journey to the WORLDS most BEAUTIFUL places (state & national parks) and then reveals stories of their unsettling and disturbing pasts; such as unsolved mysteries, folklore, murder, hauntings, animal attacks, unsettling historical events and more! Listen to that podcast here ——> Dark in the Park.
  • I am one of the original group trip hostesses/leaders. In fact, I didn’t know of ANY individuals that were leading group trips when I lead my very first one almost 12 years ago. I only knew of big companies like Nat Geo that were organizing group trips at the time.
  • Last but certainly not least, I am a Christian, I love God more than anything!

Keep wandering,