New Year = New Hope 2014

Better late than never! I seem to find myself saying that a lot.

Below is the video for our 2014 giving trip to Mexico.  Every January I go to Mexico with my dad and give to those is dire need.  We also pray with them, play with them and spend time with them.  We hope to team up with medical doctors for next years trip.  We have a few things in the works . . . . pray for us!!!


We pay for 100% of our own airfare, food and accommodations.  We also pay for most of the donations which are given to the people in need but welcome donations as well if anyone wants to be a part of this giving trip.

We thank all of you who were generous in this years trip, helping make it possible to give to over 5o families!!!!!  Without you these trips would reach far less people.  A big thank you also to everyone who helped gather items, bag food and do the physical work of getting these items to the people in need.


If you are interested in financially being part of next years trip, please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at  We can always use the help! 😀

Thank you!!!

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