Ba Be Lake, Vietnam

Magical. That is how I would describe Ba Be national Park in one word. I have had the privilege of visiting MANY countries, national park and lakes but NONE have touched my soul like this one did. Being with my best friend, having incredible private guides and perfect weather I am sure contributed to the fairytale like experience but nonetheless, it was perfect!

As we walked to the lake to board our boat which would take us around to tour the lake, our guide made several stops along the way to show us things we would NOT have noticed or even thought about doing had we been exploring on our own. These are things only a local would know to do! For example, did you know there are plants that literally react to your touch!?!??! It was seriously as if the rainforest was alive and moving WITH US! Also, did you know there are plants that you can blow bubbles with? Yes, bubbles, like you did when you were a child, or maybe you still do . . .I do.

The entire walk to the lake was ALIVE! It was unreal! When I need to take a mental break from my day to day life I almost always recall these memories. NOT that my day to day life is bad, it is the opposite of that actually. I am just not a big fan of routine and my day to day life consists of a lot of routine so on occasion I need to take a mental break from it. 😉

Below is a photo journal of my/our experience at Ba Be national park. Videos will be added to this blog very soon! Come back in about a month to check them out. 😀



Our “roommate” in the amazing stilted Home-stay we slept in for the night. Though scary looking, he was totally harmless.

IMG_1596 IMG_1599

An abundant and delicious dinner, plus a few drinks with our new friends. One of my best nights EVER while abroad. I was experiencing true bliss and peace during the moments captured in these pictures.


Walking to the lake alone, I would have NEVER thought to pick up this plant and blow bubbles with it! Tun is the BEST guide EVER! Video coming soon! 😀


Making friends on the walk to the boat. We also saw her piglets! Video of this coming soon as well!


Heading out onto the lake. The anticipation of if this lake would live up to the photographs I saw was exhilarating. It not only lived up to my expectations but FAR exceeded them!


Here we go!!!


Peaceful is a gross understatement!!!


Happy is also a gross understatement!


A lone fisherman catching dinner in a little hidden lake within the lake. There is a story here that 7 angels come out to swim at Ba Be every day and one of the angles loses her wings and becomes the wife of a local.


There was a lady and her daughter selling these little dried fish on sticks by the secret lake opening. It was kind of like fish jerky.


After our guide saw that the ONLY other tourist boat on the ENTIRE lake had docked and left, he allowed us to jump in and go for a swim. We were literally the only humans in the entire lake and that in and of itself was hard to wrap my brain around. The water temperature was perfect, the sounds of nature scuffling on the waters edge was exciting and the curiosity of what could be swimming in the waters WITH us was exhilarating.  Swimming is actually not allowed in this lake. I assume it is to keep the lake clean. As we swam, our guide was sweet and told us that this evening, the lake had 2 angels lose their wings . . . tee hee *blushing*


Another of 3 fishermen we saw on the lake gathering food to provide for his family.


Have you ever seen a more beautiful lake? Seeing it in person and experiencing it with all of my senses made it even more beautiful than this photograph portrays. It was such a serene place. Hands down the most peaceful place I have ever visited in my entire life.


You can’t really see them in this photo but the waters edge here was full of hundreds, if not thousands of yellow butterfly’s!!! By the time I stopped being in COMPLETE awe of what I was seeing, and thought to grab my phone to take a picture, we were already too far away for my iPhone to capture a worthy photograph. EVERYTHING about Ba Be was PERFECT!


Trying to figure out what the wildlife we were hearing in this jungle was. We will never know. . . .


Watching the fishermen cast their nets in such a magical place was seriously like something out of a movie. I had to keep pinching myself to see if I was experiencing real life!


A small island that you could pull up to and explore if you had some extra time. We did not because we spent our time illegally swimming in the lake. whoops.


Refreshed from the dip in the lake and enjoying the ride back to land for our short trek to our AMAZING home-stay.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, DEFINITELY check out ODC Travel!!!  Ask for Tun if he is available!!! 😀

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