Floating over Napa

Riding in a hot air balloon had been a long time bucket list item for me.  The minute I explained it to Jolee and showed her pictures, she was excited to go also.

I knew my bff was going to be coming to visit and she is an adventure seeker as well, so naturally, I added this to our “to do” list of things to do during her visit.

I booked our balloon flights that day and also invited another friend of mine to join us who had been wanting to go for a while as well.  With  that, we were off!  On our way to spend the night in Napa to catch our early morning ride in a hot air balloon.

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We woke up very early the next day and made our way to a field full of balloons and even more of them already in the sky.  We impatiently waited for our turn.  After a short while, we were loaded up and heading skyward.

it’s ready!

Up up and away!

Taking it all in. To our right, the view was beautiful!

With my bff Kasie.

Always making memories. ❤️

Let me start by saying that it was a pretty cool experience and I was glad I was finally able to check this item off of my bucket list BUT it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  I don’t know what I was thinking it would be like but it wasn’t as exciting as I had always imagined.   Even Jolee who was 5 at the time found it a bit boring after the first 10 minutes or so.

The first 10 minutes were exciting and beautiful.  It was great to watch the sun finish rising from our place in the sky and see things from a birds eye view.

However, floating over a residential area didn’t quite grasp me the way floating over Cappadocia or the Serengeti might have.  Granted, there WERE rolling hills to my right in the distance a bit but far more housing developments, open fields for agriculture and roads to be seen than stunning landscapes, unique structures or unscathed nature.

Where nature meets where man has disturbed.

Another view off to the right.  That dot is our balloon!

After about 5 more minutes I began to daydream about things that might make this hot air balloon ride better.  I decided that hot air balloon rides, at least this one, would be waaaay cooler if there was a swing hanging from it that you could swing from during the ride. Attached to a harness of course but I totally think that would have made it more worthwhile.

NONE of this is to say that the company wasn’t great.  We used Balloons above the Valley and they were perfect.  They were kind, skilled and helpful.  I am just trying to say that as of right now, riding in a hot air balloon left me unimpressed.  I suppose if I had known what to expect I would have enjoyed it much more.  Again, I am thinking it is all about location . . . .

Anyway, after the ride, we were taken back to the hotel where we were fed breakfast and mimiosas.   I decided against any alcoholic beverages because I was going to be driving us all back home right after the meal.    The meal was delicious and the table was set up very cute!  Jolee actually loved this part of the whole experience best!  She enjoyed drinking orange juice out of a champagne flute and feeling like one of the big girls.  ❤️

Isn’t she lovely. 😍

All done.  Another adventure checked off of the bucket list. 🙏🏻

I hope you don’t interpret my honesty for rudeness or ungratefulness.  I am neither, I just like to give true representations of all of my travels and activities so my post authenticity is never questioned.  This is only the 2nd review post I have ever written that wasn’t an “out of this world great” experience.  The other one was so bad that I still haven’t had the heart to post it.  Maybe one day. . .

What do you think? Do you think it was the location of our flight that “broke” it for me?  Have you had an AMAZING hot air balloon experience somewhere OR would you rather swing from the bottom of one instead of stand inside of it like me and Jolee would?  Where are all of my thrill seekers?!?! 😜

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