A few of the MANY reasons Iceland is calling me back . . .

I was fortunate enough to visit Iceland, my DREAM DESTINATION back in March for 12 days and checked A LOT of things off of my “Iceland dream list“.  However, I still feel like I have soooo much left to see and do and a series of return trips are in order.  I just can not get enough of Iceland!!!

  1. Explore an ice cave, preferably skaftafell – We JUST missed being able to enter one of these breathtaking caves.  It was already beginning to be “too warm” to be safe to enter these caves, so the few experienced guides who take people into these caves had stopped taking people in by the time we arrived in late March.  Not to mention the fact that these tours are in such high demand you have to book them at least a year in advance!  I can’t really complain though, I DID get to enter a few very small ice caves during my WONDERFUL glacier hike with Arcanum but it was not one like this.Blue-Ice-Cave-Skaftafell-Iceland
  2. Swim inside a volcano – During our tour with Saga Travel, our guide told us about a volcanic crater you can SWIM INSIDE during the warmer months.  That alone is reason enough for me to return one day!!!  I love that this is something that is “kid friendly” and exciting too, so it is right up my daughters alley as well! 😀viticrater
  3. I need to go HERE!!! Seljavallalaug Pool – I truly do not know how I missed adding this place to my itinerary while organizing our trip but I did.  A thermal pool surrounded by stunning shades of green and waterfalls.  How serene!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I put together an AMAZING trip.  However, this miss must be fixed.  I MUST GO HERE!!!905233874_b8a43100d6_z
  4. Go to a Bjork concert in Iceland   When I was there in March the flight attendants informed me that Bjork had JUST performed(spontaneously) on the 18th at Harpa with many other well known artists such as Lykke Li, Of Monsters and men and Darren Aronofsky at a charity event, literally HOURS before we arrived.  Ummmm, it was pretty heart wrenching to know I was SOOO close to seeing the entire reason I even knew Iceland existed in concert, IN ICELAND.  It would have been a piece of heaven on earth!  protectpark06
  5. My family didn’t come with me last time –   They NEED to experience it!  In my opinion, EVERYONE needs to experience Iceland at least once!  I would love to experience many things on THIS list with my family as well as a few of the things I was already fortunate enough to experience in my previous trip that I KNOW they would THOROUGHLY enjoy!  For example, soaking in the blue Lagoon, touring the Golden Circle, waterfall sightseeing via a road trip, seeing the northern lights, horseback riding and the segway tour for sure!  I have a young child so she is not exactly old(or big) enough to do a few of the other things I was able to do when I visited in March. DSC_0212
  6. I want to see Iceland GREEN –  During one of my next visits I would love to see many of the gorgeous snow & ice covered sights I saw in the breathtaking shades of green I have seen in countless photos!  Don’t get me wrong, seeing them covered in snow was INCREDIBLE.  At times I felt like I was in another world, and I was seeing things in black and white, I wondered if the color parts of my vision had left me.  I had to remind myself to breath on several occasions because Iceland’s beauty was SO intense!!!  983b09cc58d57f1860dffb762e7d6074 tumblr_lpy96uf6Ct1qzpe8uo1_500
  7. Puffins –  Need I really say more?  They were not around in March so I guess I just have to go back to be sure I do not miss their presence next time!56643176
  8. Whale watching up north – I was able to go whale watching in Reykjavik and it was AMAZING!!!  I would have LOVED to also be able to go whale watching up north though.  Being able to see wildlife in the ARCTIC CIRCLE would have been absolutely incredible and I most definitely still plan on doing this on my next trip to Iceland! 13895436894_cf81211434_k copy
  9. Snow kiting – Yes, you read that right.  Snowboarding, with a kite!!!  I have been kite boarding in the ocean numerous times and snowboarding in the snow, without a kite more times than I can count in the past 20 years but I have NEVER done the two sports in ONE!!!  Well . . . they do that in Iceland and I REALLY wanted to do it but it is a minimum 3 day tour because of the location. You have to have experience doing BOTH to do the 3 day tour.  Unfortunately, I was the ONLY person in our group who had experience doing both so the only other way for us to have been able to do this tour would have been to book the longer tour, which spent an additional day or two(I can’t remember) teaching you how to do what you don’t know how to do.  With only 12 days to spend in Iceland and A LOT we wanted to see and do we had to skip this activity, for now. . .  I WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE BACK TO DO THIS ONE DAY!!!snowkiting2
  10. Vik, the other side of the black sand beach that I missed – While in Vik I made SURE to visit the famous black sand beach.  However, it was pouring rain and windy as heck so our visit to this stunning beach was mostly survival and less exploring.  I knew about these columns but I had no idea how to get to them. Apparently, they were right on the other side of where we were but we missed that side of this amazing beach due to the CRAZY weather and I NEED to go back and see it when I am not in a fight for my life against the elements and Atlantic Ocean. ha ha 😉941dbd78d167be126da73bb7e76ebbfd
  11. Visit Bruarfoss waterfall – Again, we were short on time, especially towards the end of our trip when half of our group of friends was catching earlier flights back home, apparently 12 days is not even close to enough time to spend in Iceland.  Anyway, we had to skip hunting for this waterfall to make sure our friends did not miss their flights back home.  It WAS on the itinerary though!!! 21139f4
  12. Snow snowmobiling – During my visit in March, our snowmobile adventure with Arcanum was cancelled due to extreme weather.  I hope to be able to return and finally take my snowmobiling tour with them.  They were an EXCELLENT company to work with, I highly recommended booking all of your adventure tours with them! GetAlbumImae.ashx
  13. Kayak or SUP thru Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon – I visited this incredible lagoon and was able to photograph a lot of wildlife and stunning icebergs.  I didn’t know though that you could SUP or kayak thru this magical place until I saw a fellow Insatgramer post photos of himself kayaking thru the lagoon during one of his trips there.  It was immediately put on my list of things to do when I return to Iceland! 109833534_624fa81323_z
  14. Watch an erupting volcano – I realize it would be much easier for me to go to Hawaii and do this on the big island but I REALLY want to do this in Iceland.  While in Iceland, Guesthouse Steig gave us a souvenir of ashes from the previously erupted Eyjafjallajokull, it erupted in 2010.  They had collected ashes and made complimentary souvenir bags for any interested guests. The owner told us fascinating stories about the eruption which kept us captivated for a while during our evening there.  There is also a museum nearby that you can visit for info and photos but we did not have time to stop at the museum.  I would LOVE to watch a volcano erupt in person via a helicopter!!! img_7491
  15. See Glymur – This is Iceland highest waterfall.  I also hear many species of birds love it too!  Being a nature/wildlife lover this is obviously going to be on my list.  I hear getting there is pretty time consuming(I gathered 4 hours round trip from my research) and can be a bit of a treacherous, so for times sake we left it off of our itinerary, this time. That does NOT mean it is not high on my list of sights to behold on a future trip.  MUST DO!Piece Rock Iceland

These are just a few of the MANY reasons I need to go back.  I have MANY, MANY more!!!

Never Stop Exploring,

The girl with the map tattoo


All photos(except of me) gathered throughout the web via Bing searches.  If you know who the photographer is, please let me know so I can credit them.

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