Real Mermaid

I must admit, I was extremely excited about everything we had planed for our first family trip to the Bahamas but nothing excited me more than taking Jolee on her first snorkeling adventure IN THE OCEAN!!!   We have snorkeled and dove for fish pool toys in our swimming pool more times than I can count and she LOVES doing that, so the excitement I had built up in my mind about the first time I would be watching her swim with REAL fish in the ocean was almost more than I could bear.


The company we used sold “fish food” which I am 99.9% sure was actually dog food which could be used to lure the fish to you.  It was well worth the $1 per bag.  There was also a rock climbing wall and a water slide into the ocean you could use while the boat was anchored.

This experience was everything I expected it to be, we jumped into the warm Bahamian waters with a life jacket at first, which was mandatory to get off of the snorkel boat and enter the water.  Though the company said we were welcome to ditch the jackets once we were in the water if we wished to dive down deeper and/or move around a bit more freely but to be sure to keep the jackets close by and not lose them.  Which is of course what happened after a few minutes of being in the water.  She was eager to ditch the jacket, as was I because they totally restricted us from being able to actually see the fish.  They kept us in an upright position which is obviously not conducive to snorkeling.  😉  Though if you are not a strong swimmer I recommend you keep it on because the waters were not smooth as glass, at least not ont he day we went.

Watching my baby girl in her favorite environment was magical.  Up until this point, the warmest ocean water she had been in was in southern California.  Let’s be real, this is no “warm” water compared to other parts of the world.  Most times she plays until her lips turn blue and is shivering beyond control but no matter how many times I urge her to get out of the water to warm up a bit, she will not get out.  She LOVES THE OCEAN!!!  I can’t blame her, she gets it from me.

No words can describe, no video can capture, no photo can explain the joy I felt in my heart as I watched her swim around with REAL fish IN THE WARM ocean water for the first time and see the smile on her face once she got back on the snorkel boat and proceed to tell me all about her sea safari adventure as if I wasn’t in the water with her the whole time.  Though I know nothing can capture the joy we both felt, below is my attempt to share it with you. 😀


Something I have learned after the making of this video is to NOT try to use 3 underwater recording devices at once.  It is better to focus on using just ONE to get ONE great video rather than trying to piece together clips from 3 mediocre videos.  Lesson learned.

Never stop exploring,

The Girl with the Map Tattoo

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