Something EVERY Traveler, Photographer or Techie NEEDS to own!!!

First let me start out by saying that I do not like to make it a habit of posting blogs about products, I prefer to write about my travels, travel tips, etc. BUT sometimes, there are products that I come across hat I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HAVE TO SHARE!!!

I recently came back from a trip to San Francisco, I REALLY wanted to do a helicopter tour of the city to take some aerial photos of the coastline and the golden gate bridge but after a tireless search could not find a deal I could justify.  Especially because I was not there alone, I was there with my daughter and my cousin(babysitter).  I would have had to pay for 3 people and that just wasn’t going to happen at the prices I was finding.

Upon arriving home, I was browsing the internet for Christmas gifts and came across THIS!!!!  Boy could I have used this in SF last week when I couldn’t afford a helicopter ride for 3 in the city!!!  Enter the Phantom 2 Vision+ . . .  Click anywhere the text is BLUE to be taken to the companies website.


Phantom 2 Vision+

from: DJI Technology , LLC

Yes, you are seeing this correctly, a FLYING CAMERA(aka personal drone)!!!!!  There are also less AND more “fancy” models available for purchase.  You can ALSO just purchase the body and put your GoPro in for a VERY reasonable deal!!!!!


Phantom 2

This option is likely what I will do sometime down the road, hopefully before my next big trip!!! 😀

Do any of you own any equipment like this already?  If so, please share your feedback! I’d love to hear it! 😀

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