Mexico Giving Trip 2013

In early January, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Mexico with my dad.  We were able to enjoy the company of greatly missed family members as well as give to people in need in the surrounding areas.  People of all ages and all walks of life, all with two thing in common, poverty and still somehow joy.

I was SO incredibly blessed by the people there during my visit.  To see people with so little open up their hearts to us and show thankfulness that you just don’t often see here in America helped re-open my eyes to what is really important and also reminded me how blessed we really are.  Most of us don’t truly do not know what it means to “need”.

Upon arrival to my grandmothers house we immediately went to work weighing and bagging food for the upcoming days.

Below is what each family received, plus sarapes(blankets).  We decided to give more than what is pictured below to the orphanage because there were many children there needing to be fed.

I made a slideshow of videos and photos for you to see but I also wanted to highlight a few of my most memorable new friends. 🙂

Meet maria . . .


Maria is a lovely, old woman who lives in a single room home with her brother.  The room they call home is not much more than two brick walls, that don’t even connect, and two fence and cardboard wall on the other sides that together form a room.  The door is a few pieces of wood that are held shut buy some string and the roof is also make of cardboard and scraps.

One would think that the two of them would be unhappy, worried or angry living in those conditions but they are far from that.  It was truly humbling meeting them.  When we met maria, she was happily chatting with a few other ladies in front of a house a few down from her own.  When we began to approach her, she warmly smiled at us as if we were long lost relatives.  We chatted with her for a bit then went back to our car to get warm blankets and food for her.  Her face lite up with gratitude and love when she saw us walking towards her with the gifts.  She eagerly invited us to follow her into her home and began to share her life’s story with us.  It was a heart wrenching story.  Out of respect to Maria, I will spare the gruesome details of the things she shared with us but I WILL say that listening to her life’s story I was often reminded of Job in the bible, during his trails.  She has to be one of the strongest and faithful people I have ever met having endured what she has and still have a strong faith in God and overflowing joy.  She is truly absolutely amazing and has changed my life forever.  I learned so much from my short visit with her and feel blessed to have met her.

We also had an opportunity to give food to an orphanage.



The children and the sisters were so humble and kind.  They too invited us in and showed us around the school and kitchen.  From the looks of the kitchen, it might have been a while since their last donation.  They got right to cooking as soon as we finished bring in the food, as if they had been waiting for a real meal for quite some time. The sister explained to us a bit about how the program works and why some of the children where there. God is good, all the time.

Last but not leasts, we stopped by a village by the name of Los Pinitos.
This little village was home to many families, who all lived in make shift homes.  Most of which didn’t have all four walls, if you can even call a wall made of crates a wall.  Many didn’t have doors either to protect them from the elements or wandering wildlife.  Though they had very little, they still had incredible joy.  Spending time with them was a quick reminder of how blessed we really are.  Everyone was so thankful for the food gifts we brought for them, we couldn’t help feeling just as blessed as they did.  I had a very touching conversation with a little girl there
This precious little girl(below) was SUCH a sweetheart.  My conversation her went like this . . . . Her “where are you from?” Me “The United States.” Her “You came all the way here to bring me food?” Me “Yes.” Then silence and smiles.  Special moments like this can not be experienced in any other way apart from giving.  I am so thankful to have met her.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend time there with such lovely people.  I look forward to returning agin to see them, and hope to have the opportunity to give to even more next time.

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