I’m Wild(luxe) about Misha!!!

I would like to introduce you to my fellow wanderluster, Wildluxe A.K.A. Misha Gillingham.  I came across her instagram account about 2 years ago and it took me about 10 seconds of scrolling thru her account to figure out that I needed to hit “follow” and live luxuriously and vicarisously thru her.  She is a master at what she does and she is sooo kind to all of her followers. 🙂


Misha specializes in luxury travel and she really knows how to capture the beauty and culture of each location.  Check out her interview here and find out how you can start to follow her adventures as well!


Blog name:


What made you decide to start a blog? 
I’ve always had a serious addiction to travel, but then I also fell in love with photography and wanted to have a place where I could combine the two and share my passions with the world. Blogging has given me something to call my own, a creative outlet that has no rules, and lets me be me. 

Most visited country?
Outside of the US, I’d say Canada or Mexico. I go to both countries 3 or 4 times per year mainly because they are very easy to get to. 

3 places highest on your bucket list & why? 
South Africa
New Zealand
Why? Because I’m an adventure lover down to my very core. These places offer very unique landscapes and exhilarating adventure opportunities. I hope to be going to Namibia and South Africa later this year. 

Top 3 favorite places to date?

Most underrated location?
Slovenia – it is so lush, breathtaking, and beautiful, yet you don’t see it on most people’s travel lists. 


Do you get all of the “recommended” vaccinations for all of your trips or just go?
I get the vaccines. 

Cash, cards or both?

Mostly credit cards, but I make sure to always have some cash on me just in case. 

Travel insurance. Yah or nah?
Nah. I have international travel planned almost every month and I have never been in a situation where I’ve needed to cancel my plans. I’m sure it will happen at some point, but with all the travel I book, I’d end up spending more on the premium than whatever they would refund me for a cancelled trip. 

Street food, restaurants only or a healthy mix of both?
Street food sounds so much more authentic, and I always like the thought of it, but I am a vegetarian, which makes street food pretty hard for me to find. So mostly restaurants. 


Top travel tip for long flights?
I may be the only one on earth who actually likes long flights. As a mother, things can get pretty hectic so I see long flights as a time when I can have some peace and quiet to work on my computer or take a nap and not be expected to do anything. I do have some tips, though. In order to keep myself feeling fresh and clean, I always bring face and body wipes and a spare change of clothes. I also make sure to keep chapstick and lotion on hand because everything seems to dry out on the plane. I use a neck pillow for more comfort and wear shoes that can slip on and off easily. 

Most “adventurous” food eaten?
A ghost pepper in India. This is one of the spiciest things in the world. Don’t try it LOL!

Besides your current home, where could you see yourself living? 
Anywhere and everywhere. I love to daydream about living in other countries, and every time I travel I try to imagine what it would be like to live in the specific place I am visiting. I think Croatia or France would be at the top of my list though. 

Travel apparel. Comfy or cute? 
Comfort is the name of my game! But I do try my best to find things that are both comfy and cute.

Favorite color?
Periwinkle / light purple 

Typical diet while not traveling? 
I am vegetarian and try to eat fairly healthy. I don’t follow any specific diet but love fresh fruits and vegetables and prefer savory to sweet. 

Don’t leave home without it . . . 
Concealer, lip gloss, cell phone, wallet. 
Thank you so much for sharing you passion with us Misha!!!  I look forward to following along your next adventure! 🌏
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  1. Amber says:

    Great interview!! I love your instagram and had to check out your site.
    Your travel, fitness & beautiful photos inspire me so much! Please make a youtube vlog channel or a snapchat!
    Its so much fun to see what people who live on the other side of the world with similar interests are up to.
    I’ll be sure to add this website to favourites so I don’t miss a post.
    Keep up the great work! Xx
    – amber

    1. I am seriously considering starting a youtube Vlog. Thank you SO much for your kind comment. 😀

  2. Misha says:

    Thank you for featuring me Hilda, your kind words have made my day!

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