Decisions, Decisions . . . .

Soooo we are trying to figure out where to go in October/November and we are getting nowhere fast.

We are embarking on a family trip(plus my dad) and have narrowed it down to Mexico, the Bahamas, Iceland aaaand we just threw Sri Lanka and Borneo into the mix to make things more complicated.  

Mexico was leading the way because I have been saying I want to take Jolee there one day to release baby sea turtles just like her dad and I did a few years ago.  Not only that, Swimming with whale sharks has been on my bucket list for more years than I can remember(it is also on Jolee’s bucket list) and Mexico is one of the best places to swim with them.  Mexico is a place where we can experience BOTH in the same trip!  Many places offer both experiences but during different seasons so this is truly the perfect trip for what we are trying to accomplish.

We put the Bahamas on the list because Jolee LOVED it last time we went and she would love to swim with the pigs and snorkel with sharks, both can be done in the Bahamas.  Plus, it would be fun to visit a different island this time.

Iceland, where do I even begin with Iceland . . . . Iceland is just perfect.  I think my family would enjoy it as much as I did and it would be great to visit it during a different time of year to experience it differently  Iceland is truly my favorite place in the whole world.  Followed closely by Mexico.

Sri Lanka and Borneo are both places that have also been on my bucket list for at least 15 years each, so being able to check a brand new place off my list would be AMAZING and I know my family and I would love the wildlife, food, culture and beauty both places have to offer.

I think we should probably just put them all into a hat and draw one.  Trying to use logic to figure it out just isn’t working for us.

Have you been to any of these places?  Do you have any advise or suggestions?  I would love to hear your thoughts! 😀

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