Bucket-list 2017 🌏✈💜 7 in 2017

Well, it wasn’t until I just sat down to make my bucket-list for 2017 that I realized I did not make one for 2016.  It is probably a good thing though because if I don’t make lists, then I  can’t be disappointed when I don’t check everything off! Ha

That being said, 2016 still shaped up well for me and I was able to cross off many little things as well as two MAJOR bucket-list items.  Like, MAJOR ones!!!   The #1 place on my USA list as well as the #1 place on my international list.  I’d say thats a pretty successful year! 😀

Fiji and Yellowstone national park . . . Done, and DONE!!  YAY! Thank you Jesus!!! 😄


Now for my 2017 list . . . I am going to try to not go overboard on my wish list as we are currently trying to be responsible with our finances and get out of debt.  That being said, I’d like to go somewhere, at least one dream place!!!  To me, dream places do not nesisarily have to be out of the country, they can be right here in the USA, after-all, there are still TONS of places in my own “backyard” Ive yet to experience.

Ok, without delay, my list of 7 in 2017, in no particular order . . .

  1. Big family trip over either Easter break or summer vacation – I am 90% sure we have decided on the place(s) as of last night BUT I also thought that 7 places ago, so I am going to keep it a secret until after we actually book it next year.    I will give you a hint though, it is not tropical. 🌏
  2. Host a fitness retreat in a dreamy location – one place that has been on my radar for at least 10 years is Hoh rainforest.  I am currently organizing a retreat that will take us to Washington State and Canada early 2017 for some workouts, R&R, hiking, yoga and exploring.  Fingers crossed it works out!
  3. Take Jolee to Great Wolf Lodge.  Baby girl has been asking us to take her to Great Wolf Lodge since December 2015.  I think 2017 needs to be the year we finally make that happen.  She recently started asking about Disneyland too BUT first things first, GWL has to be checked off first.
  4. Host an overnight fitness retreat close to home, full of adventure and rejuvenation.  Looking at Yosemite for this overnight retreat.
  5. Road trip to a fun place with my WHOLE family.  I have 2 sets of uncles/aunts coming from Mexico to visit next year and my local family and I want to find a cabin or beach house to rent somewhere for a couple of nights to do some exploring and sight seeing. Place TBD but we will certainly use AirBNB.  If you have never used AirBNB please enjoy $25 on me off of your first stay by signing up using my link ——–>  HERE <———– 😄
  6. Hike at a place I have NEVER hiked before.  Near or far, I don’t care, it just has to be different.
  7. Go to at least ONE concert with my love.  We really enjoy going to concerts yet for some reason we haven’t been to one together in years.  We are way overdue so I would definitely like to go to a concert with him some time in 2017.

Looking over this list is kind of overwhelming me.  I hope I am able to check off at least 3 of the 7!!! 😁  Do you have a hike you can recommend for my #6 or a concert for #7?  Do share!!! 😄  Want to guess our family trip(#1) location?  I’d love to hear your guesses!

Will you share your 7 for 2017 with me???  I would LOVE to hear them! 😀

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