3 Places to visit where the US dollar will go far


Mexico has always been one of my favorite destinations and the fact that it is so inexpensive helps to make it a more realistic goal year after year.  I know that most of my readers are American and lucky for us, we can fly to Mexico from pretty much anywhere in the USA for fairly cheap!  In fact, I just bought roundtrip airfare to Cancun for only $244!!!

Exploring the fruit market in Mazamitla.  You can get enough produce to make a giant fruit salad to feed several people for about $3USD

One of my favorite places to eat in Sahuayo.  Corn tortillas bigger than your head for pennies!

Cancun in all her splendor!  Volunteer to help the wildlife and have an experience of a lifetime!

The Riviera Maya.  Just relax on the beach which doesn’t cost a thing or head over to one of the many cozy beachside restaurants for a meal that won’t cost you more than $6 or $7, agave shots included!

I believe my dad paid about $2USD for this massive serving of meat and some tortillas for tacos at this food stand.


Can’t forget about the best corn you will EVER eat!  1 cup of this goodness with put you back about $1USD

Last but not least.  Load up on snacks and water at family owned convenience stores.  My family owns one in Sahuayo and here I am pictured, loving on my grandma at ours a few years ago.  You will get a way better price than at big chain gas stations.


It’s no secret that traveling thru Southeast Asia is cheap.  I knew that going in, but I had no idea HOW cheap it was going to be to spend time in Vietnam.  From $5 hour long massages to less than $12 for a FEAST, seriously like 5 full sized dishes and drinks for TWO, with tons of leftovers.  Our eyes were bigger than our stomaches.

Halong bay Junk boat tour.  You get transportation, accommodations, activities and ALL meals included in your stay on the sea.  Prices start at around $125 for 2 days and 1 night.

Choose home-stays when possible.  You get accommodations AND home cooked meals with some of the kindest people you will ever meet!  They typically love to share their boo’s with you too.

Nature walks, for a grand total of FREE!  This cool plant made bubbles with its sap!!!

The cost of this snack was bout .50 cents.  We found this lady selling these toasted fish treats in the middle of the lake during our boat ride in BaBe lake.  I didn’t try them but my bff did and she said they were good!

Colorful, comfortable Hari Mari sandals are now available on IslandersOutfitter.com


Now, this one may have surprised you, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that ANY place in Europe would be on a list of innexpensive  places to travel right!?!?!?!  Well, after researching for months and booking hotels and tours for my road trip around Romania, I noticed that things are very inexpensive!  In fact, I found numerous 3 star accommodations for only $23 per night, 4 star hotels starting at $40 per night and if you want to go with a 5 star hotel you can find some for only $90 per night!!!!  Crazy right?!?!?!  I thought so too!!!  I used booking.com for this trip so I can use my genius member perks and get early check-in, late check out and free parking for our rental car.   PLUS, they price match! 😀


Of course, if you prefer to add up your nights to earn free nights, then I suggest you use hotels.com!

A fascinating activity, such as entrance into Dracula’s Castle is only about $8 USD

and they even have free walking tours in many of the gorgeous and charming towns/cities!

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