Wanderlust for the Bookworm

I don’t know about you but when I am not off an adventure or planning an adventure, I like to be reading about other peoples adventures!

That being said, I decided to put together a list of wanderlust related books that are in my collection and share them with you! 📚 😀  Feel free to click on the book itself to be taken to Amazon for more info or to purchase.  When you spend $25 on books on Amazon, they ship FREE!

First up is “How not to travel the world” By Lauren Juliff.  I just finished reading this book earlier this week and I was totally bummed when I knew the last page was approaching.  How Not to Travel The World is about following your dreams, no matter how many curveballs life throws at you. It’s about learning to get out of your comfort zone, finding the humour in messed up situations, and falling in love with life on the road. Plot description taken from the Amazon description.

Next up is “The good girls Guide to getting lost” by Rachel Friedman.  A Memoir of three continents, two friends, and one unexpected adventure.  I just started reading this book when I finished “How not to travel the world” a few days ago”.   So far, so good! 😀

The next few books are all books that I have purchased but have not read yet.  They are all on my “to read” list.  As always though, I only buy things with good reviews, there is no exception for book to this rules.

So with that, I give you the remaining book titles of wanderlust books in my collection left to read . . . .

“A thousand new beginnings” by Kristin Addis.  This is the story of a 26-year-old girl who left her old life with a steady job and boyfriend behind in order to travel through Southeast Asia completely on her own. Over the course of the next year and thousands of miles, hundreds of new beginnings and new friendships, she found that more than traveling the world outside, she traveled the world within. This book is a collection of excerpts from her diary and blog during that time in which she found that traveling alone made all the difference in the world.  Plot description taken from the Amazon description.

“The Geography of Bliss” by Eric Weiner.  One grumps search for the happiest places in the world.

“Girls who Travel” by Nicole Trilivas.  A hilarious, deftly written debut novel about a woman whose wanderlust is about to show her that sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to become the person you want to be…  Book description taken from the Amazon description.

and last but not least . . .

“Travel Stories and HIghlights” by Robert Fear.  NEWLY RELEASED 2017 EDITION 50 stories take you on journeys through Australia, Borneo, Brazil, Chile, England, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Hawaii, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Nepal, Peru, Scotland, Siberia, South Africa, Spain, Sumatra, Tasmania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and USA. 50 highlights engage you in more amazing experiences from around the globe. Travel through time, sail across oceans, fly through the skies and navigate land by public transport, car and foot. This is an absorbing book that will live on in your memory.  Book description taken from the Amazon description.

Have you read any of these books?  I would love to hear what you thought of them!!! 😀  Would you like to share a few of your favorites that are not on this list?

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