A Photo Journey Through Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

A photo journey through Vintgar Gorge Slovenia

I’m not going to lie, and I have mentioned this before in a previous post. Slovenia was never on my radar. Since having visited, I now realize I was a TOTAL dummy for having underestimated her beauty.

My friend Kelly and I were planning our road trip through Europe and somehow our drive ended up having us journey through Slovenia.  Initially I was kind of bummed, but only because I was completely ignorant to the fact that Slovenia might just be one of the most, beautiful countries in Europe. NOT because I had heard anything bad about it or had had any bad experiences there prior. How could I?  I had never been there before.  I was judging it based on absolutely NOTHING.  SMH

Anyway, like I always do when I think I might be visiting a country, I hopped online and began researching hikes, nature preserves and national parks in the area.

To say I was overwhelmed by what I found is a HUGE understatement. I found Lake Bled, Postojna cave and THIS place, Vintgar Gorge. I was excited about all 3 places(and ended up LOVING them all) but this place . . . the idea of being in this place blew my mind . . . the colors of Vintgar Gorge began infiltrating my dreams for WEEKS prior to our departure for Europe and it ended up becoming one of the top stops on our itinerary that I was most excited to see “in real life”.  I mean, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that place like this actually existed and I am pleased to report that it did NOT disappoint.  It was AMAZING!!!

A quick 12 minute drive from Lake Bled and we were there! The drive there was absolutely beautiful too.  We drove past gorgeous mountains ranges, colorful fields of wild flowers and quaint little towns/villages. I seriously felt like I was living the pages out of a story book.

Without further ado . . . I give you 15 reasons to visit Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia


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– Hilda

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