My Two Cents on Little Passports

My 2 cents on Little Passports. . . .  IT IS WORTH IT!!!

After taking a couple years break from Little Passport, simply to save some money for real life travel and extra circular activities, Jolee and I decided to sign back up for the older kids edition this time around.

To be honest, I didn’t think it would be as fun because I always  have international destinations on the brain and I often forget how amazing our own country is.  Well, I was wrong to assume that the USA version would not be as fantastic as the World Edition because it certainly is!!!  Not only is it fun to receive and unbox every month, it is also SUPER educational, which helped Jolee several times during the school year during subjects like history and geography!

32 page activity state journal

After signing up, the first package arrives with a USA scratch book, a felid guide, a wall sized USA map, a letter from your pen pals and a photo scavenger hunt project.  Each month after that comes with a 32 page activity state journal, stickers, post cards, pop out models and access to fun activities online.   I am not sure who is more excited every month to get the Little Passports package, me or Jolee! ha ha

U.S.A. Scratch Book

Give the gift of Adventure!

Below are more examples of what comes inside each month:


Pop out models

The pop out model, completed!

If you have been contemplating signing up for little passports, I highly suggest you go for it, even if only for a few months.  It will be a fun and educational way to bond with your child every month.

Fair warning though that your bucket list might grow exponentially every month. 😉

Push Pin Travel Maps

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