Your True Nature Retreats

2019 Trip options:

Cast your vote . . . (only if you are seriously considering going). 😉

Australia – August or September

Daintree National Park, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef(possibly yoga)


Madagascar – October or November

Options are – Avenue of Baobabs, Masoala National Park, Nosey Be, Diego Suarez Area- Please google these places. 😍

Borneo – October

Jungles, beaches and lots of nature and wildlife.

Iguazu Falls – Late September or Early October

Waterfalls( like EPIC ones.  Google it), the jungle and Buenos Aires


Maldives – April or November

Dive and snorkel options.  Private island day trips, Beautiful beaches, Relaxation.


Zimbabwe –

Volunteer to help Elephants and Rhinos as well as a day stop to see Victoria Falls.


Bathing in a swimming hole at the top of Victoria Falls.

Where do YOU want to go?!?!? 🌏

Photos are NOT mine.  I found them all on a google search and can not take credit for them.
I DO however hope to get my own photos of all of these places over time. 💚💙


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