Happy Earth Day 2018!!! 🌏



    What are your plans for today? Will you do anything to honor the planet?

    We only have one so I’m thinking maybe you should consider it. 💙🌎💚

    Yesterday our yoga studio(Fearless Yoga) hosted an outdoor yoga and meditation workshop in which we also gave away 5 baby trees. Today Jolee, my dad and I will be planting our organic garden into the ground finally. Watching the Lorax at some point and making a fun earth day craft I found online.  Enough of the fun stuff though. How can we all actually do our part to help our planet?

    Below are a few EASY things YOU can do to help our planet on a regular basis.

    🌿 Plant a tree.

    💦 Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth.

    🌿 Skip eating meat ONE day per week(of course you can do more days). Did you know that skipping meat & dairy for just ONE day per week with your family is equivalent to taking your car off the road or FIVE WEEKS! 😳

    💦 Do a trash clean up at a local park or beach.

    🌿 Use CFL(aka “energy saving light”) bulbs.

    💦 Use a bamboo toothbrush such as Brush Naked, instead of a plastic one.

    🌿Recycle. Cans, bottles, electronics, etc.

    💦 Use reusable items. Grocery bags, water bottles, food storage wraps such as Etee reusable food wraps.

    🌿 Skip the plastic everything in the kitchen. Spoons, forks, plates, cups, straws, etc.

    💦 Chocolate lovers. Recycle your Hershey’s wrappers. Did you realize that those are recyclable? Now you know. 🙂

    🌿Plant an organic garden. Compost your food waste too! 🙂

    💦 Ride your bike instead of driving your car when you can.

    🌿 Use energy efficient appliances.

    💦 Go paperless for bills, etc.

    🌿Add plants to your home. It will help to regulate the energy required to heat & cool your home.

    💦 Make your own cleaning and beauty products free from the harmful ingredients found in most store bought products. I can help you with this if you need guidance. 💛

    Anyhow, I hope you can look at this list and think to yourself “Wow! I really CAN help!”

    If we are ALL doing even just a little bit, it can make a BIG impact.

    Let’s do our best to keep this amazing planet we have safe.🌍

    Once IT’S gone, WE are gone.

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