Trip Valet – Why you should sign up ASAP

 Have you heard of the new travel site TripValet™?
It is the best travel asset I have ever seen!
It is a member based travel website offering exclusive discounted prices at over 400,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. Another big perk is that if you refer 3 people to sign up, you get your next years membership for FREE plus 1000 travel reward credits towards FREE travel booked on Trip Valet!!!
Is Trip Valet for you? Let’s find out . . .

Do you want to travel?

If the answer is yes, then Trip Valet is for you!

What is holding you back? Is it money?

Trip Valet has you covered!

I have seen them beat competitor prices by up to 70%, depending on the destination/property being booked!

Do you already travel?

Trip Valet is for you too!  Wouldn’t you like to go on the SAME trip you are planning on booking anyway BUT get it at a discounted price!?!??  Of course you would!!!  I have seen people save enough money to go on a SECOND TRIP with the money they have saved using Trip Valet!

The question I get more than any other question is “How can you afford to travel so much?”

Well, the answer is simple. Save, save, save and discount websites! Particularly Trip Valet since discovering it a little while back.

Allow me to show you the savings I scored on a trip that I just started planning to Peru for later this year . . .

Palacio Del Inka Hotel $190.04 INCLUDING taxes, checked on Trip Valet on 5/4/2018 at 10:39pm

The SAME EXACT hotel, same night & same room $334.79 on Also checked on 5/4/2018 at 10:38pm

That’s a $144.75 SAVINGS per night!!!!!!

The savings from booking on Trip Valet is almost enough to book a second night! 😳

Savings like these are the norm on Trip Valet.

More great news for members . . . .
Starting in 2018 the have been giving away a 5-Star luxury vacation EVERY MONTH!
I locked in 420 entries for myself when I signed up for full membership access to their wholesale travel club for $297!
I also made the entire $297 yearly membership fee back in savings on a 2 night hotel stay for a family trip I planned for later this  month! I couldn’t believe it!
Memberships start at just $97/year!
I hope you find the same value in Trip Valet as I do.
Keep Wandering,


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