Walking into a Real Life Fairy Garden w/ Glamping Hub

Where do I even begin?  Let’s start at the beginning, with the booking process.  I booked my glamping stay at Gold Creek Inn through the Glamping Hub website. The booking process was easy and the property owner Bob was always easily accessible prior to my arrival for any questions I may have had regarding my reservation.

Having never been to Nevada City, I literally had no idea what to expect or what was around.  I am usually a meticulous planner but this time I decided to wing it since our host Bob said he grew up in the area and could assist us in planning our time there in regards to dining options, hikes, activities, etc once we arrived.  I must admit, it was so nice to be a free spirit with no specific itinerary on this trip.

First impression upon walking onto the property?  It LITERALLY felt like I walked into a life size fairy garden. I am NOT kidding. Every details of the property was perfectly manicured and obviously thought out. So many greens, red, and browns. Perfectly manicured waterways, every stone and flower had it’s place. It was a perfect paradise, what dreams are made of.

This first impression was solidified during a chat with Bob and his wife Jep one evening over s’mores.  They shared that when they purchased this land it was just an overgrown space and you couldn’t even see the creek!  It blew my mind to think about the amount of work they had to put into it to make it become what it is today.  They literally hand carried each stone for every path, step and platform to built the something out of nothing. Truly amazing! Which made my awe for the beauty of this place turn into great appreciate as well for their labor of love. Nestled in the midst of giant cedars and ponderosa pines, I found my happy place in California.

About the Space:

The glamping bell tent is equipped with a super comfortable queen sized bed(with an optional twin cot for a 3rd person), a small table with a light, two chairs and two flameless candles that work with a remote control, a lower table with mirrors, a large bottle of water(in a glass bottle), a few glasses, and a wine opener, unique wood stump nightstands, extra blankets, toiletries, towels(even towel animals!), luxurious bath robes, electrical outlets for charging devices, wifi and even a small fireplace!  The outdoor space has a sink and mirror, filtered water, a large counter space and and ice chest which you can have loaded and ready with ice when you arrive for a small extra fee, down below you a have your very own deck which overlooks the entire area with it’s own fire pit ready with wood and a complimentary s’mores kit if you fancy eating s’mores by a camp fire.  Beyond that is the common space which has hammocks, corn hole to play, a beautiful bridge that gives you views of the creek up and down stream, a deck area overlooking a pond and a series of cascading waterfalls, a hammock chair that swings over the creek so you can dip your feet in while swimming over the water and its very own private hiking trail that takes you down to the river. In addition to all of the outdoor amenities, the glamping guests also have access to the bed and breakfast area which was very clean and has a beautiful, large wood table if you fancy eating inside instead of outside, for example if it is just too hot one day or maybe it’s raining? A living room with a television, a 2nd story outdoor dining area that overlooks the creek, property and waterfall, a bathroom complete with a shower, a kitchen, snacks, and they also provide a delicious breakfast(for a fee) that is prepared to order each morning and is thoughtfully prepared with love and attention. I really can’t say enough good thing about my time at Gold Creek Inn.

Bob and his wife Jep were so hospitable.  We spent a lot of our down time chatting with them and playing with their dog Bok Choy.  Jep is originally from Thailand and she shared that they are thinking about incorporating Thai cooking lessons in as an option to their guests one day.  Sign me up for that if and when it happens!!! Did I mention how cute their Dog Bok Choy was?  Seriously on of the cutest and sweetest pugs I have ever met! Jolee was ready to move in and I am certain Bok Choy had a  lot to do with her desire to relocate.

Let’s talk about the surrounding area now.  Gold Creek Inn is located right on the edge of town and a public hiking trail that leads to a suspension bridge.  Both are literally walking distance from the property.  To get to the suspension bridge, you walk off the property about 50 feet and turn left before the main bridge that takes you into town.  This trail is one of two ways to get to the Suspension bridge.  To get to town for LOTS of delicious dining options, shops and activities, again, you walk off the property, cross the previously mentioned bridge and BAM, you are in town.  Who knew such a peaceful gem could be so well hidden right at the edge of town!?!?!?  This is truly the perfect place, whether you want to get away from it all and unplug completely OR want to “kinda of” get away from it all but still meet up with other humans and be part of civilization in spurts.

I encourage you to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and visit this spectacular property before the glamping season is over. You will create memories that will last a lifetime!

They did share with me that they are book solid through the middle of August but if you want to plan a different, unique outdoor experience before then, Glamping Hub has thousands of others to choose from as well. I would definitely try to get in with Bob and Jep though. They have availability from mid August to mid September, which is when their Glamping season closes!  If you are having trouble finding availability for Bob’s property on Glamping hub, feel free to reach out to them directly at the Inn and be sure to tell them we sent you!

Ready to book your glamping experience with Bob, Jep and Bok Choy?

Click here to book now —-> Glamping Hub


Contact Bob directly —-> (530) 264-7548

Now for a is a special treat!  

Jolee was SO taken by our time at Gold Creek Inn that she requested to write her own piece in my blog.  She cried when we left and said she felt the same feelings she experienced when our fish died several years ago.  She just felt like a piece of her heart was going to missing now leaving this place. This experience and this place really had an impact on her!  Without further ado . . .  Jolee’s review.

“My experience Glamping at Gold Creek Inn was just as great as my trip to Mexico last year!  You don’t have to ask me twice, I am ready to move in! My favorite memories are swinging above the creek in the hammock chair and Bok Choy and Twinkie(another guests dog). Bob and Jep were SO nice! I really enjoyed hanging out around the fire with them and eating s’mores at night. Thank you so so much for the GREAT experience!”

Please check back later for more photos of the property, inside and out.  My site is having issues uploading photos at the moment.  Until then, please feel free to check out my instagram for a few photos of the exterior and surrounding area that I posted during my stay last week. You can also view photos of the Glamping site on the glamping hub website linked above.


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  1. Bob Eitel says:

    Hi Hilda !!

    Wow what a wonderful write up! Thanks you so much for your kindness and love of travel and sharing. We loved having you and Jolee as guests at the property and look forward to your return. It looks like Jolee is following in her Mother’s foot steps, as for her first blog spot, she sure can write. Bok Choy really loved to get attention from her as well.


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