Below are a few places that my work has been featured or published.

AFAR MAGAZINE Online “highlights” writer

Featured on Photo Mapo twice – December 9th & June 4th

Featured on Mexico Review on December 14th

Featured on Cozumel Scuba Dive  on December 20th & June 8th

Featured on Keralite’s Choice on August 11th

Nominated for Best New Weblog started in 2013, I was first runner up. Thank you to everyone who nominated my blog AND Voted!!! 😀

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  1. Jan Lachman says:

    Hi Hilda! We met you at Masoala last month. Remember Jan, Murray, Laura, Alex and Caroline? Murray and I then spent a week in Namibia. We are at the Munich airport on our way back to SF. How was the rest of your trip? I would love to share pics with you once I get home and have a chance to edit them. I Have to get a new phone too! Mine never dried out.

    1. Jan!!! Of course I remember you guys! I will NEVER forget you! So sorry to hear about your phone.:(
      Let’s exchange photos! My email is
      Looking forward to reconnecting! SO glad you reached out to me.
      with gratitude,

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