My Bucket List

Everybody has one. That list of dreams they hope to make a reality before they take their last breath on earth. My bucket list of no different, it is full of things I long to do and places I daydream about seeing. However, I realize that actually completing my eternally long bucket-list in one lifetime is pretty much impossible unless I became independently wealthy(like 10 years ago) and didn’t have to work another day in my life. Even then, I would have to be traveling nonstop pretty much for the next 50 years to tick off every item on my bucket list. Sounds great to me but I realize that is not reality. Which is ok, as long as I am actively checking things off for the rest of my days, I will be satisfied.

Without further ado, below you will find my PARTIAL list(in no particular order).
It will take some time for me to transfer my ENTIRE list, from my journal to my my blog.
It will happen though . . . 


1 See a narwhal in the wild*
2 Kayak with orcas in Washington state*
3 Horseback ride on the beach* – I did this in the bay area(CA) and in Costa Rica
4 See the Northern lights in Iceland*
5 Soak in the blue lagoon in Iceland*
6 Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Fiji*
7 Visit Fiji
8 Swim with Sharks – I did this in Hawaii, the Bahamas and in Fiji
9 Visit Australia*
10 Scuba dive the great barrier reef*
11 Visit Whitsundays*
12 Sleep in a tree house*
13 Eat Parmesan Cheese in Parma Italy
14 Kayak or SUP in Bioluminescent waters*
15 Get Scuba certified* – did this in Maui in 2000
16 Go Sky diving
17 Eat Italian food in Italy
18 Visit the original Olympic stadium in Greece
19 Visit the Grand Canyon with Jolee*
20 Go paragliding
21 Visit Dracula’s Castle in Romania* – May 2017
22 Visit Plitvice National Park – May 2017
23 Road trip thru Oregon
24 Learn to surf*
25 Visit Antarctica*
26 See Victoria Falls
27 Horseback ride in Patagonia*
28 Swim in the biggest swimming pool*
29 Sleep in the glass igloos in Scandinavia*
30  Explore a cloud forest
31 See a sloth in the wild* – Costa Rica
32 Take Jolee on a missions trip – Hawaii
33 Step foot on every continent*
34 See the Gypsy Kings live
35 Get dressed up and go to a symphony or opera*
36 Watch a performance in the Sydney opera house* – Saw a ballet
37 Visit HaLong Bay in Vietnam*
38 Explore Borneo*
39 Watch the red crab migration on Christmas Island*
40 Swim with jelly’s in Palau*
41 Night swim with Mantas in Hawaii*
42 Learn to Kite surf
43 Swim with Whale sharks* – June 2017 in Mexico with Jolee
44 Visit a Cenote* – Many
45 Swim with Manatees*
46 Visit Israel to see where Jesus was born, lived, was baptized and was crucified*
47 Swim in the dead sea*
48 Go on an African Safari – Botswana and Zimbabwe*
49 See Gorillas in the wild*
50 Ride a camel*
51 Watch a cirque du solei show*
52 Spread my moms ashes in the ocean*
53 Get a tattoo – I have lots now
54 Ride in a hot air balloon* – Napa Valley, CA
55 Visit the Australian outback*
56 Dine in an underwater restaurant*
57 See the Southern lights*
58 Go on a cruise* – been on many
59 Visit Ireland
60 Hike on a glacier* – Iceland
61 Go dog sledding*
62 Visit yellowstone national park – 2016
63 Go to a Bjork concert
64 Visit the Cooke islands*
65 Visit Tahiti*
66 Explore Gabon and watch the surfing hippos*
67 See Iguazu falls*
68 Visit the Amazon rainforest*
69 Visit Machu Picchu*
70 See a toucan in the wild* – Costa Rica
71 Go to  BIG concert with Jolee*
72 Hike Half dome
73 Live near the beach again*
74 Complete a 5k with Jolee wen she turns 5
75 Complete a 10K with Jolee when she turns 10
76 Compete in a Tae-Kwon-Do tournament – I competed in a lot(and won)
77 See a pink lake in real life* – Mexico with Jolee
78 Cage dive with Great white sharks
79 Attend Mr Olympia – went 2 times with Muscle Werks(Sponsor)
80 Start a non profit(charity)
81 Attend a Ludovico Einaudi concert – 2017
82 Go to an Indian wedding
83 Ride the train in Sri Lanka
84 Attend a Shakira concert
85 Buy a place in Mexico
86 Visit Mozambique
87 Explore Madagascar* – eat Madagascar vanilla IN Madagascar, walk thru baobab trees, cross Ankarana or bemaraha bridge, lemurs, the coast/beach
88 Sleep under the stars in a glass igloo in Scandinavia
89 Get a BIG sponsor
90 Get proposed to
91 Visit the Florida Everglades
92 Watch a World Cup game LIVE
93 Eat gelato in Italy
94 Take Jolee to help baby sea turtles
95 Walk across a suspension bridge in a forest/jungle
96 Stand up Paddle board – Many places
97 Eat Vietnamese food in Vietnam
98 Volunteer to help elephants and Rhinos in Africa*
99 Visit Olympic national park
100 Explore to the Galapagos
101 Sleep in an overwater bungalow
102 Take Jolee to Iceland
103 Live past 52 years old
104 Hang out with the bucket list family
105 Get paid to travel– sometimes
106 Sleep 7+ hours a night regularly
107 Complete the wharf to wharf run
108 Explore the Faroe Islands
109 Live minimally
110 Scuba dive with Jolee anywhere*
111 See the volcanos on the big island of Hawaii
112 Meet David Attleboro
113 Get my book published
114 See a seahorse in the sea while scuba or snorkeling
115 Watch Jolee graduate from high school
116 Learn archery
117 Hang out with the blonde abroad
118 Find out my exact genealogy
119 Visit every country of my genealogy
120 Run a marathon
121 Go on a medical mission
122 Stop worrying
123 Get a degree in marine biology or journalism
124 Become a proficient photographer/videographer
125 Do a zombie run
126 Abseil/rappel down a waterfall
127 Visit the Florida keys
128 Kiss in the rain
129 Visit the biggest trees in the world(California)
130 Watch the sunrise & sunset in one day
131 Take Jolee to a drive in movie
132 Become good at belly dancing
133 Master a new language
134 Unplug for 3 days straight
135 Live on a tropical island – 3 of the Hawaiian islands
136 Ride in a helicopter
137 Wash an elephant
138 Visit Everest base camp
139 Live in another state(again) – possibly a new one
140 Snowboard black diamonds
141 Watch a broadway show
142 See Niagara falls
143 See Mount Rushmore
144 Attend a World Cup
145 Visit Washington DC
146 Swim with sharks in French Polynesia
147 Swim with pigs in the Bahamas
148 Visit Komodo national park & see a Komodo there
149 Visit the largest cave in the world in Vietnam
150 Visit Alaska
151 Take Jolee to Disneyland
152 See a kangaroo in Australia
153 Go on a road trip in an RV
154 Take Jolee to Great Wolf Lodge*
155 Write myself a letter and read it in 5 years
156 Send a message in a bottle
157 Live in Iceland
158 Visit the Congo
159 Learn to DJ(spin)
160 Explore the Daintree rainforest
161 Eat Chimney cake Romania
162 Visit Ban Gioc waterfalls
163 Release baby sea turtles into the sea
164 Visit Iceland
165 Help Jolee catch a wave
166 Own a Yoga Studio – Fearless Yoga with Susan and Ashley
167 Plant(and grow) a garden* – every year since 2011, with Jolee
168 Go on a missions trip – first one as child and many as an adult. Hopefully many more in the future
169 Start a travel blog – You’re on it. Thank you!
170 Dance and play in the rain* – with Jolee, duh. 😉
171 Attend the Kentucky Derby
172 See lorises in the Sumatra wild
173 Sleep in a castle
174 Appear in a magazine – I have appeared several
175 Lead a yoga Retreat – several day retreats and couple overnight retreats
176 Visit Easter island
177 Dig up Dino bones
178 See bioluminescent plankton
179 Scuba dive Silfra in Iceland
180 Explore an Ice cave
181 Swim with Sea Lions in the wild
182 Scuba in an underwater museum
183 Dog sled
184 Swim with Humpback whales in Tonga
185 Visit fairy pools in Scotland
186 See penguins in the wild
187 Swim with penguins
188 Walk on a sandbar in the Maldives
189 Kayak through the Marble caves in Chile
190 Appear on a tv show – I have appeared in two
191 Take my dad to Norway
192 Visit Kiribati
193 Soak in a hotspring in Greenland
194 Snow Kite in Iceland
195 Help Jolee accomplish her bucket list
196 Sand board 
197 Go glamping 
198 Visit Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach
199 Visit Every National Park in California
200 Take Jolee camping or glamping
201 Ride in a sea/float plane – Fiji
202 Watch the stilted fishermen  fish in Sri Lanka
203 Visit Loch Ness and try to spot Nessi
204 Walk along the canals of Venice Italy – 2017
205 Watch Justin Timberlake perform in cocnert
206 Go sea kayaking – Many times, with Jolee too
207 Go Backpacking – Point Reyes
208 Learn basic wilderness survival skills – I have taken about 4 single or multi day courses over the past 18 years
209 Visit Chiapas in Mexico
210 Visit Lake Chapala – Preferably during the the Pelican migration
211 Go zip lining – Yosemite National Park, Alaska, Belize
212 Visit  Belize
213 Go sand boarding
214 Visit Tulum
215 See Manatees in the wild – Mexico
216 Soak in the hot springs of Tolantongo
217 Soak in the hot springs in Aguas Calientes(Machu Picchu)
218 Road trip the entire ring road in Iceland
219 Visit the Vatican
220 Kiss under a waterfall
221 Swing on a jungle swing in Bali
222 Visit Zanzibar
223 Visit the Seychelles
224 Scuba dive in Fiji
225 Hang out at Ginnie Springs
226 Hang out at Cummins Falls
227 Houseboat in Kerela
228 Tiger photo safari in India
229 Stay in an ice hotel*
230 Be in Mexico during Dia de los muertos
231 Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize 
232 Meet Jane Goodall
233 See Koalas in Australia 
234 Visit a giant redwood forest
235 See a seahorse in its natural habitat

*Also on Jolee’s bucket list. She has her own list with some things on it that are the same as mine and others not also on my list.

Want to help me check one of these off?  Want to join me as I check one of them off? Let’s talk!

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